DIY wreath box Ø 30 cm

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Bring a piece of nature into your home. Make beautiful and natural flower wreaths with a 100% natural base. We will send you a complete box to start wreath making at home.
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Make your own Blomsterkrans.

This box consists of:
- A basewreath of Ø 30 cm
- Eucalyptus, you can choose which kind and how many bundles

- We will add 2 or 3 seasonal flowers (depending on stock) if you like.
- A booklet with inspiration and technique

The Eucalyptus you can choose are the greens we use in all our wreaths. The Eucalyptus Cinerea is the most common one with a round leave, Eucalyptus Parvifoli has an oval leaf and Eucalyptus Populus has a bigger oval leaf wit small berries. You can choose just one bundle or mixed them together. 

We will add two kinds of flowers with it, that will be depending on the season an availability. Enjoy making your own flowerwreath, you can ad flower you will find in your garden or in the forest. Let's Create and bring the seasons into your home.